Let’s Torque SMUK Alpine Adventure | 22nd – 29th June 2024

Let's Torque SMUK Alpine Adventure

We are hugely excited about the SMUK Alpine Adventure 2024 Tour from 22 – 29 June 2024.

Delivering the ultimate driving Tours with military precision and flair is of course the strapline for our Company, but it really does define who we are, and how we operate. We are honoured to be offering SMUK this Tour.

Participants will embark on the adventure of a lifetime, whilst getting to experience some of the best roads that France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Belguim have to offer along, with stunning locations that are, literally, the stuff of dreams!


Day 1 – UK to Metz, France
Saturday 22 June 2024

We depart the UK and make our way to Metz – a lovely French city with plenty of restaurants and bars.  A perfect start to our Alpine Adventure.

Day 2 – Metz, France to Zurich, Switzerland
Sunday 23 June 2024

We continue the Alpine Aventure straight down to beautiful Switzerland with a little taster of a twisty route towards the end of the day through the National Parks before arriving in Zurich.  Set on the lake, Zurich is stunning both day and night.

Day 3 – Zurich, Switzerland to Davos, Switzerland
Monday 24 June 2024

Day 3 sees us driving the fantastic passes of the Susten Pass, the Grimselstrasse Pass and the Grimsel Pass.  All providing a great introduction to the mountain hairpins and stunning views offering many photo points and a stunning stop for lunch.

We make our way to Davos, which is a huge ski resort offering a beautiful backdrop and a great stop for the end of Day 3.

Day 4 – Davos, Switzerland to Bolzano, Italy
Tuesday 25 June 2024

Day 4 is our second day of real mountain driving with us experiencing the thrills of the Fluella Pass, the Treballe Pass, the South side of the Stelvio Pass and the Umbrail Pass before arriving in Bolzano for a taste of Italy.

Bolzano is a city in the South Tyrol province of north Italy, set in a valley amid hilly vineyards. It’s a gateway to the Dolomites mountain range in the Italian Alps.

Days 5 – Bolzano, Italy to Salzburg, Austria
Wednesday 26 June 2024

Day 5 is another day of mountain passes and sees us heading North through Italy, and into Austria for the legendary Grossglockener Pass – quite possibly the highlight of all of the passes on this Alpine Adventure!

We arrive in Salzburg, which is on the border of Germany, with views of the Eastern Alps.

Time to pull up a chair and regale everyone with stories of your legendary driving prowess from the last 3 days.

Day 6 – Salzburg, Austria to Frankfurt, Germany
Thursday 27 June 2024

On Day 6, we sadly leave the mountains behind us, as we head North. However, today is definitely the day for the speedfreaks to get their freak on!  It’s an Autobahn storming day, which sees us heading towards the awesome city of Frankfurt for an evening of Schnitzel and Wurst.  

An evening to bring your adrenaline back down from orbit.

Day 7 – Frankfurt, Germany to Brussels, Belgium
Friday 28 June 2024

Leaving Frankfurt, en route to Belgium, we take a slight detour on Day 7 via a small well-known racing track in Germany – Nürburgring, often referred to as the Green Hell.

There will be plenty of time to visit the ring visitors centre and museum and if it’s a tourist fahrten day, there may be the possibility to get onto the track*!

On leaving the Ring, we head west into Belgium, staying overnight in Brussels.

*the 2024 track tourist fahrten (open to the public) calendar is not released until January 2024.

Day 8 – Brussels, Belgium to UK
Saturday 29 June 2024

The final leg of our Alpine Adventure sees us leaving Brussels and heading back to Calais for the journey back to the UK.

We guarantee you will be brimming with stories of your Alpine Adventure.

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Event Details