Terms & Conditions

Torque Events Terms and Conditions

Our Tour terms and conditions are here to make life easier for you and us:

Booking a driving Tour:

To reserve your place on a Tour, a deposit of £500 per person is payable (unless otherwise stated). In booking the Tour you guarantee full payment to us of the total Tour value.

We will email you to confirm your booking. The remaining balance outstanding must be paid no later than 12 weeks before the start of the Tour (if this date has already elapsed then full payment is due upon reserving a place on the Tour).

If full settlement is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking in line with the charges as detailed in “Cancellation made by you.”
Paying a deposit is deemed to be an acceptance of both the booking conditions and the terms and conditions of booking on a Tour.

Methods of Payment:
You may pay both the deposit and balance by credit/debit card or electronic transfer (BACS or CHAPS). Please allow enough time for the funds to clear by the payment due date.

What’s Included:
Unless stated otherwise on the Tour itinerary, fees include presence of group tour guide available 24/7, hotel accommodation on a Bed & Breakfast basis (unless otherwise stated on the Tour itinerary), driver information pack, Channel crossings, secure parking, and loan of hand-held radios.

What’s Excluded:
All extras are excluded. Examples of extras are:

Hotel – bar, room service, any items you order while at the accommodation and spa treatments while at the hotel are your responsibility. You must settle any outstanding accounts before checking out of the hotel.

Ferry crossings: – if you miss any prearranged ferry crossings or other third-party carriage included in the Tour package, it is your responsibility to pay for any additional costs incurred.

Other: – other examples of add on costs which are your responsibility are those relating to, breakdown, other accommodation, and meals outside those included in the tour package, taxis, fuel, tolls, any fines incurred during the tour and any extracurricular activities.

You must be over 18 years of age or accompanied by a responsible adult to participate in a Tour.

Channel Crossings:
It is your responsibility to arrive at the departure point in plenty of time to catch the allocated crossing.

Loan Equipment:
You will be issued with some equipment (i.e., hand-held radios) for the duration of the event. This loan will require a deposit of £250 being paid by credit or debit card. Once you have returned all your equipment undamaged, your deposit will be refunded in full.

The equipment carries a serial number which is assigned to you. It is your personal responsibility to care for it and ensure its security at all times.

Any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment will be paid for by the participant.

Changes to the Tour:
Changes made by you: –
If you request, we will endeavour to make any minor amendments to your booking.

Change of participant – If you are able to find a replacement for your tour slot, we will be happy to provide a full refund (less the deposit) on receipt of payment from the replacement. This will be your responsibility and will not be actioned by Torque Events Ltd.

Any amendments must be notified to us as soon as possible. If we are able to implement the changes, an administration fee of £50 per person will be levied in addition to any further direct add on costs.

If we feel the changes you are proposing are beyond “minor” then we reserve the right to treat the amendment as a cancellation of the booking in line with the terms and conditions set out in “Cancellation made by you.”

Changes made by us:
Although very unlikely, from time to time we may need to make amendments to your booking.

Owing to the nature of bookings made with third parties months in advance, changes are sometimes unavoidable. Any changes we need to make will be notified to you as soon as is reasonably possible.

Changes can vary from something relatively minor such as changes to a ferry departure time or simply a change to the planned route to something major like a change of accommodation.

Cancellation of the Tour:
Cancellation made by you:
If you cancel your booking on a Tour, you must notify us in writing as soon as possible.

You will be liable to cancellation charges as detailed below.

Notice period and cancellation charge:
Period before Tour start date that written notification is received, and amount owed as a percentage of the total Tour cost:

More than 12 weeks: loss of Tour deposit
12 – 8 weeks: 30% of Tour cost (incl. deposit)
Less than 8 weeks: 100% of tour cost (incl. deposit)

Cancellation made by us:
We reserve the right to cancel your tour under any circumstances.
If an alternative equivalent Tour is available, we will first offer you the option to go on this (or allow you to use your entry fee pound for pound for another Tour). Otherwise, you are entitled to a full refund of all money received from you up to the time of the cancellation.

If the cancellation of your booking is due to the reasons below (see “Termination made by us” or “Force Majeure”), we reserve the right to cancel your booking without refund of any monies received from you.

Termination made by us:
In the interest of all concerned, we reserve the right to prohibit your participation in the Tour if we become aware of any illegal, inappropriate, or antisocial behaviour.

If this condition is enforced, you will in no circumstances be entitled to any refund of the booking fees, and we will not be held responsible for any additional costs you incur as a result of your termination.

Third Party Tours/Events:
Tours run in conjunction with a named third support (e.g., car dealers and car clubs), are wholly controlled and run as Torque Events Ltd and all appropriate terms and conditions apply between Torque Events Ltd and clients booking on the Tour. The third-party promotion merely constitutes a voluntary support of the Tour and does not form any part of the contract between Torque Events Ltd and its customers.

If the third party removes their support for whatever reason (e.g., personal injury, business closure or even through choice), this will in no way, unless specifically notified by Torque Events Ltd, infringe in any way, the ability of the Tour to proceed. i.e., the “show will go on.” Torque Events Ltd will of course, given the time scale available, endeavour to replace the support that the third party has withdrawn and appoint an appropriate substitute. Please note it may not be possible to replace third party support should insufficient time be available to us from the time that we are made aware of any third-party support cancellation to the time of the commencement of the Tour.
Should Torque Events Ltd cancel a Tour due to the removal of a third party’s support, all client’s monies will be refunded in full.

If you, the booking client, decide to withdraw from a Tour owing to the withdrawal of third-party support, you will be governed by the charges set out in “Cancellation made by you.”

Force Majeure:
This means any event which we or our suppliers could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, World Health Organisation or Foreign Office advice, adverse weather conditions, fire, and all similar events outside our control.

Except where expressly stated within these terms and conditions, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is affected or prevented by, or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of, “Force Majeure.”

Legal Compliance:
It is your responsibility to ensure you abide by all statutory laws and regulations of each of the countries the Tours travel through. These include, without limitation to, your regard to speed regulations, laws of the road, the legality of your vehicle (e.g., tax, insurance, MOT), laws relating to the possession, use and not driving under the influence of any intoxicating or prohibited substances.

Torque Events Ltd accepts no responsibility for the consequences of you being refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from any Country visited en route, and in particular any additional costs incurred are your own responsibility. You must not drive if your ability to do so safely and properly is in any way compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or any other condition.

Any entrant deemed to be bringing Torque Events Ltd.’s good name into disrepute or creating negative PR for sponsors, partners, or supporters of Torque Events Ltd will be verbally warned and any further transgression may result in the entrant being asked to leave the Tour with immediate effect. No refund will be given, and no correspondence entered into.

All participants must be in possession of a valid Passport with at least 6 months remaining prior to departure date as well as a valid driving licence and appropriate motor insurance.

Appropriate motor insurance includes cover for driving abroad (check your policy – most standard agreements cover this), third party liability, and medical cover for you. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, please check with your insurance company prior to booking. Torque Events Ltd is not responsible for loss or damage to participant’s cars or property at any time during the Tour. It is your responsibility to ensure you drive in a safe manner, remove all valuables, and lock your car securely when parked. Hotel parking will generally be off road and may have secure garage parking.

You are in no way allowed to compete or race with other guests. You are entirely responsible for your own behaviour and in no way can Torque Events Ltd be held responsible by you or any third party if you undertake in any illegal or antisocial behaviour. You will therefore indemnify Torque Events Ltd in full, against any attempt by third parties to bring about any claim as a result of any breach by you of any laws or regulations during your participation on the tour.

Travel Delays:
Unfortunately, it is the nature of making bookings in advance that prearranged events may be delayed for reasons out of our control. Any travel delays both before and during the Tour, whether foreseen or not, can in no way be deemed to be our responsibility and therefore we will not be liable for any extra costs you may incur. Examples of such costs are, but not limited to, hotels, ferry crossings, hire cars, meals, and drinks.

These conditions apply regardless of the how the delays were brought about.
Examples are, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, technical difficulties industrial disputes. For whatever reason you are unable to complete the tour you will in no circumstances be entitled to any refund for any unused services booked on your behalf.

Third Party Carriage:
Any carriage by third party operators either by air, sea or rail will be subject to the terms and conditions of the carriage supplier. Torque Events Ltd has no control over these.

Travel Insurance:
It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate travel insurance in place for yourself, passengers in your vehicle, luggage, and the vehicle itself. We also require you to have the appropriate level of breakdown cover in place for your vehicle for those countries in which we are travelling.

Cover should include any passenger and vehicle repatriation costs where needed. If you do not take out travel insurance, you are responsible for the repatriation of your vehicle and passengers and you agree to indemnify us against any costs that you incur.

As previously described all-inclusive items are detailed within the tour itinerary and any add on items you require are to be paid for by you. As is the nature of booking events many months in advance your booking may be subject to price variations. These generally fall into the following categories:

Third party variations: – we will endeavour to fix prices with our suppliers wherever this is possible. If in the event, we cannot there may be an additional cost to bear if suppliers increase their prices.

Currency variations: – The price of the Tours are calculated at the rate of exchange against the £ at the time the tour is posted onto the website. Government action – Items such as levies or landing fees may alter without prior notice.

In all the above cases Torque Events Ltd will absorb any adverse cumulative cost increases up to 5% of the original entry fee. Thereafter it will be your responsibility to pay any additional cost.

Car Livery:
You are not required to place any livery on the exterior of your car, and you are not permitted to place any number stickers on the exterior of your car. This can in many cases invalidate your insurance and can attract the wrong kind on attention while generally destroying the look of your car. If you do choose to place stickers on your vehicle, we reserve the right to insist on their removal if we feel they are in any way inappropriate.

Image Rights:
All participants consent to be photographed and to be included in any filming of the Tour. You consent to the use of your name, image, likeness, voice, and biographical material in connection with any and all footage, publicity, and related promotional material. If you do not agree to these conditions, please inform us in advance of your participation in the Tour, as you cannot make any retrospective claim for invasion of privacy or defamation.

Participants are only entitled to take photographs and film footage of the Tour for non-commercial purposes. An exception will apply if a Car Club has entered into an agreement to utilise the Torque Media Package and is therefore granted permission to use any and all images and video footage for commercial purposes. Images produced will carry the relative branding of the club/organisation concerned.

The participant is granting Torque Events Ltd, its affiliated companies and necessary sub-licensees permission to use participant’s submission in connection with the operation of their internet businesses (including, without limitation, all Torque Events Ltd Tours and services), including, without limitation, the license rights to: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat participant’s Submission; to publish participant’s name in connection with their submission; and the right to sub license such rights to any supplier of the services.

If you feel there is justification for complaint either before or during the Tour, you must notify one of our representatives immediately in order that we can attend to your complaint as effectively as possible. If upon returning home, you are not satisfied with how your grievance has been attended to please inform us in writing within 14 days of the last day of the event.

Our liability to you:
We will endeavour to make sure that for all parts of your Tour that we have agreed to arrange, perform, or provide as part of our contract with you are done so with reasonable skill and care.

In relation to the supply of goods and services, Torque Events Ltd, its staff or directors will not be liable to you or a member of your party, except where expressly stated within these terms and conditions, for any injuries, liabilities, damages, or other losses incurred by you or your property. Unless stated otherwise in these terms and conditions, our total liability to anyone lodging a claim in relation to our negligent act shall not exceed the cost of the Tour incurred by that person.

Third party liability:
Those parts of your tour which involve utilising the services of third parties (e.g., flights, hotels, ferry crossings) will be governed by the terms and conditions of each individual third party.

Your liability:
You and the members of your party are responsible for all add on costs as described elsewhere within these terms and conditions, in addition to items such as fines, penalties, damages and other expenses incurred by you during the Tour. If we are in anyway held accountable for such items, you will indemnify us and promptly repay any amounts we pay on your behalf.

Participation in a Tour is potentially dangerous and there are numerous risks associated with your participation. Such risks and dangers include, but are not limited to, traffic accidents, collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, other drivers, and/or fixed or moving objects, and the negligence of other drivers. Further, you fully understand and realise that your participation in any Tour may result in serious bodily injury and/or death to yourself or others.

You further realise and understand that the route of the Tours will require driving on public roadways upon which the hazards of travelling are to be expected. Further, you realise that participation in any Tour will require strenuous physical exertion as participants will be required to drive for very long periods of time over several days, including the risk of driving through inclement weather.

In participating on a Tour, you do so voluntarily and in the full knowledge that any accident, injury, or other incident to you or third parties as a result of your actions is entirely your responsibility and liability and you therefore indemnify Torque Events Ltd, its directors, officers, employees and consultants against any and all claims, lawsuits and causes of action whatsoever or howsoever arising and brought against them by any third party as a result of your action or participation in the event, including without limitation, your violation of any laws or regulations or your breach of these Terms and Conditions of entry.

From time to time, it may be necessary to amend the terms and conditions to reflect the nature or timing of a particular Tour. In these instances, details will be made clear on the itinerary page of the applicable tour under “Special Conditions.”

Torque Events Ltd is a company registered in Great Britain. It is governed by the English law and therefore the contract between you and Torque Events Ltd falls under the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:
In booking a Tour you are deemed to have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of participation and agree to be bound by them in their entirety. If upon reading these term and conditions you do not understand any part of them, you must contact us before paying your deposits.

I acknowledge and understand that Torque Events Ltd will use reasonable efforts to ensure that all other participants abide by the terms and conditions of entry but cannot guarantee that the participants will abide by these terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions, with regards the above statements, or wish to discuss anything, please contact Torque Events Ltd by sending an email to: info@torque.events or via the website contact button.

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